A Study In Romans

Part III

Review: Justification - In Hebrew and Greek means to pronounce, accept and treat as


Paul uses Greek Word meaning "to acquit".

Justification is obtained through faith, it is permanent


Romans 8:32-39

Justification is a declaration that we possess a righteousness which

Perfectly and forever satisfies the law.

Romans 8:3-6

II Corinthians 5:21

Romans 5:18

Righteousness - We are made right with God Ė our relationship is restored through

Faith in Jesus Christ. We do not deserve it, but we obtain it through

Faith. Because we are declared righteous, we now have direct

To the Father through Jesus Christ. He is sitting at the right hand of

God ever interceding for us. He is our High Priest.

Because we have been made righteous through faith, we should

Strive to live a righteous and sanctified life.

In this study we will finish our study in Romans by looking again at key words, phrases and scriptures and concepts.

Repentence: "turning away from sin, disobedience and rebellion back to God".

In the Old Testament over and over, God spoke through the prophets

Calling for a rebellious Israel to repent from their wicked idolatrous


Repentence denotes complete change of mind and turning away from sin

To salvation.

Both John the Baptist and Jesus preached repentence and remission.

Mark 1:4

Matthew 4:7

Remission: is the active release from or forgiveness of sin on Godís part toward us.

Even though we donít deserve it. God took the initiative through the

Death of Jesus to remit or release us from our sins and break the yoke

Of bondage over us!

Romans 2:4 tells us it is the goodness of God that leads to repentence.

Condemnation : opposite of justification. We are justified by our faith in Jesus.

Sentence of God against sin. God must condemn sin, whose wages

Are death.

John 3:17-18 Jesus came to save the world not condemn it.

Romans 7:15-25 Paul tells us we are governed by our sinful fleshy nature, until we are

Born again by faith in Christ.

Romans 8:1 tells why we are no longer condemned. We live and walk in the spirit

Not in the flesh.

Romans 8:2-3 God sent Jesus to condemn sin in the flesh so that it would no longer have

Power over us who believe.

If you yield to the flesh you cannot please God!

Pleasing God: Romans 8:4-8

Paul stresses over and over that we are not to yield to the flesh, but be led by the spirit. We are to Please God in everything we do, everything we do should glorify God.


Romans 6:5-14 do not let sin have dominion over you.

Romans 6:17-19

Romans 12:1-2

Romans 12:9-21

Further discussion of Concept in Romans 8:

Romans 7:21-8:4 we are free from condemnation,

all the world is guilty before God.

Romans 8:5-6 set mind on things of flesh, ruled by senses, we are to live according to the


Romans 8:9-11 The Spirit of God dwells in us Ė that is the very life of God, the Zoë of God, all the life God has to give. It will give life to your mortal flesh. This includes the

resurrection of our bodies but also it will heal you now. There is no way that the life of God dwelling in you can not change you, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Romans 8:12-17 we live by the spirit we are sons of God, joint heirs with Jesus.

Romans 8:18-25 We eagerly await the return of Jesus and completion of our redemption.

The Resurrection of our bodies and the final victory over death. What is also interesting is

that all of creation, is waiting. The world is under the same bondage of sin as we are and will be renewed in the end times.

Romans 8:26-28 intercession: to make a petition or intercede for another.

Here Paul is plainly telling us that we will not always know what to pray, and that the spirit will make intercession for us. Our spirit led by the Spirit of God prays when we donít know how.


Genesis 18:22 Abraham talking with God about Sodom and Gomorrah. (compare with next verses and then discuss.)

Genesis 20:17 Abraham prays for Abimelech to be healed.

Numbers 12: 9-3 Moses prays for Miriam to be healed.

Letís look at Jesus example:

John 17:26 prayer of Jesus for Himself, His Disciples, and all believers.

Paulís prayer for the church in Ephesus:

Ephesians 1:15

Intercessory prayer that is not in the spirit is always:

  1. a request not a question
  2. specific
  3. based on the Word.

Intercession in the spirit is your spirit praying. You may or may not know what you are praying for. But it is important to pray until you get release or breakthrough. "pray it through." You will know by an end to the prayer and you offering up a song, thanksgiving and praise. It may be tears and relief. If you are in tune with God as you should be, you will know you have "prayed it through."

Paulís thoughts concerning Israel:

Romans 9-ll

Romans 9:1-8 read in amplified.

Stress verse 3, Paulís anguish

    1. what God intrusted to them.
    1. not flesh descendents

Romans 9:19-18 Godís mercy


Romans 10:1

Romans 10:2-3

Romans 10:8-13 salvation for all Jew and Greek

Romans 10:14-18,20-21

Romans 11:1-4 God has not totally rejected Israel.

Romans 11:5-7

Romans 11:13-24

Romans 11:26-29

Romans 11:33,35



  1. We now know what sin is and itís affects, and punishments.
  2. We now know our need for redemption
  3. We understand justification read Titus 3:4-7
  4. We know we are to seek righteousness and sanctification Titus 3:8,14 Gal.5:15
  5. Intercede for all, including yourself! Jude 20